At the origin of the realizations Edition 1.6.9, the studio of creation of the house accompanies the professionals of decoration in the elaboration, the choice or the millimetricintegration of Rugs and carpets in their places of destination.

Composed of textile designers and colourists specialising in floor coverings who work on a daily basis under the direction of David and Olivier Aouate, the studio has a perfect command of the particularities and hazards of hand-knotted, hand-tufted and hand-woven fabrics, as well as all the codes of the craft repertoire for the creation of Rugs and luxury carpeting. He is thus able to translate the original designs, created by the in-house teams or commissioned by third parties, by opting for the most appropriate manufacturing technique(s). The choice of colours, materials and textures is also the secret to the creation of exceptional and exclusive pieces for exceptional floors.

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Working session,
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Having at heart to fully accompany its customers architects and interior designers, Edition 1.6.9 ensures, thereafter, a tailor-made follow-up which allows, through the calepinage or the slight reinterpretation of the drawings, to adapt perfectly the carpets and Rugs to the spaces for which they are intended. This joint and four-handed work with decorating professionals on furnishing projects is a guarantee of success and is finally at the origin of perennial collections to be discovered in the showroom.

Manufacturing techniques

A noble and ancestral technique, hand-knotting is the result of knowledge passed down from generation to generation. At the origin of Rugs of exception, mainly manufactured in Nepal, this method of manufacture is particularly appreciated with regard to the manual imprint naturally palpable on the parts, but also by the unequalled variety of materials, reasons and textures which it offers and which can cohabit within the same realization.

Made by hand, using a handloom requiring two to four people, Rugs and carpets produced using this technique are the witnesses of a thousand-year-old know-how. Manufactured mainly in India and Nepal, this traditional method guarantees exceptional quality.

Resulting from a spray gun, this handmade Rugs or carpet production on a gigantic canvas loom has the double advantage of knowing no limits in terms of size and being optimal in terms of delivery times. If it gives access to all types of materials, from silk to merino wool, through tencel, the technique allows to play with mastery on the textures and the differences of level in order to obtain a three-dimensional effect of the most remarkable.

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Developed in the industrial era with the advent of mechanical looms, this technique is suitable for the creation of carpets for the luxury hotel industry. Axminster allows the creation of 16 different colours to create patterns, as well as the creation of textures and levels by working on overtuft.

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Tufted machine

The tufting process, which is based on a tufting machine, produces high quality plain or mottled carpets. It also allows the creation of tone-on-tone patterns through the use of textural effects.