Édition 1.6.9 relies on its own design studio headed by Cécile Meuleau, collections director. Marie Bastide is the artistic director of the brand.
For this duo of experienced and passionate textile designers, Rugs is the standard of mastered know-how to be promoted. Today, they share a creative universe of their own, reflecting their attachment to gesture and craftsmanship. In their constant quest for new skills, Cécile and Marie have the privilege of exploring the different languages possible within the same house: Hand Knotted Hand-tufted, hand-woven and machine-woven carpets like Axminster, to build the brand's collections.
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Manufacturing techniques

A noble and ancestral technique, hand-knotting is the result of knowledge passed down from generation to generation. At the origin of Rugs of exception, mainly manufactured in Nepal, this artisanal method is particularly appreciated for its sensuality and the nobility of the fibers used.
Made by hand, using a hand loom requiring the intervention of two to four people, the Rugs and carpets resulting from this technique are the witnesses of a thousand-year-old know-how. Manufactured mainly in India and Nepal, this traditional method is a guarantee of high quality.
Resulting from a work with a spray gun, this handmade Rugs or carpets on a gigantic canvas loom has the double advantage of knowing no limit in terms of size and being optimal in terms of delivery time. If it gives access to all types of materials, from silk to merino wool, through tencel, the technique allows to play with mastery on the textures and the differences of level in order to obtain an effect in three dimensions of the most remarkable.
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Developed in the industrial era with the arrival of mechanical looms, this technique is popular for the realization of carpets in luxury hotels. The Axminster allows, indeed, to play on 16 colors for the creation of patterns, but also to create games of textures and levels through the overtuft.
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Tufted machine

The tufting process, which is based on a tufting machine, produces high quality plain or mottled carpets. It also allows the creation of tone-on-tone patterns through the use of textural effects.

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