Sophie Dries

Architect, designer and decorator Sophie Dries launched her eponymous studio in 2014, cultivating since then a global approach to space, from buildings to floors and Rugs which, according to the designer, have an essential role to play both in terms of contrast and in delineating volumes. After many successful collaborations with Édition 1.6.9 on public and private projects, Sophie Dries has now created Meteor, a special design inspired by the world of minerals.

Sophie Dries is obsessed with the material, whose nobility and potential she never tires of questioning and emphasising by working with the best craftsmen. She readily confesses to a passion for minerals and stones that has been with her since childhood. By means of a skilful play of contrasts: on textures, degrees of brilliance and colours, she reveals the abundant patterns of a meteorite that would have been cut up. The Rugs Meteor sheds light on a raw and precious beauty that is usually invisible to the naked eye...

Enriched by the interpretations of the creative studio of edition 169 as much as by the various techniques of manufacture (the buckle, the velvet and the metallic wire), the shape and the reasons of Meteor are, moreover, the witnesses of an outstanding know-how of which Edition 1.6.9 is the depository.

sophie dries portrait


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Prix HT

3200 euros



Hand Tuft


Diamètre 220 cm


10% Gold Lurex, 40% Nz Wool, 50% Tencel

Carpet Width (m)


Density /m2

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