Édition 1.6.9 is a Parisian company specializing in the creation of exceptional Rugs .
We conceive Rugs as a design piece in its own right. From the creation to the technical development, each step is nourished by a complex and collective reflection in order to realize innovative and meaningful Rugs .
These rare and exclusive pieces give the impulse of an interior and make the decor, where know-how of exception and singularity are the key words.

Behind Projects Édition 1.6.9, the in-house design studio assists decorating professionals in the design, choice and seamless integration of Rugs and carpets into their destinations.


Édition 1.6.9 specializes in the creation of Rugs, carpets and upholstery fabrics for residential, yachting or hotel projects.

Our environmental commitment

Eminently aware of the ecological emergency, the teams of Edition 1.6.9 are committed. Concerning the installation of new carpets often involving the removal of the old ones, we avoid them the dumping ground by integrating an ecological die transforming the used carpets into industrial fuels.

As we are committed to the development of new materials from recycling, we are particularly focused on an innovative fiber to help support the environment: Econyl.


Used by major luxury brands in the fashion world, this recycled nylon made from fishing nets recovered from the oceans, has the enormous advantage of limiting the production of new nylon whose fine particles are extremely dangerous for marine life.

Extremely resistant, Econyl is the ideal fiber for hotel or luxury boutique coverings, in phase with the challenges of their time.


Showroom France
Edition 1.6.9
169, boulevard Haussmann,
75008 Paris
+33 (0)1 53 76 36 86

Showroom UK
Edition 1.6.9 at Argile Paint
555 Kings Road
SW6 2EB, London
+44 20 7736 6260



8 route de Vireloup
1293 Colovrex
tel +41 22 774 08 10

ITALY - Lattore diffusione

Via C. Beaumont,25
10138 Torino
tel +39 0114330597 / +39 0114330622

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