Haute couture inspires us beyond all else. We are guided by our shared love of beauty and our passion for textiles. Our collection is inspired by our travels and traditions of eastern and western craftsmanship we have discovered along the way. We have created a collection that will inspire interior designers and architects to weave their own stories.


We are guided by the conviction that imperfection is the key to emotion, which is why we insist our collection be mostly handmade by talented, uncompromising artisans using the finest materials. All our fabrics and rugs are a showcase for the maker’s hand, boasting an aesthetic that prides itself on being unsystematic and non-standard.


We choose our yarns and weaves with great care and precision to design and craft a carefully curated, unique and even radical collection where every piece expresses our intuitions and inspirations.



To create our unique textures, we reinvent craftsmanship, modernize weaving methods and explore the most unexpected weaves.


All our fabrics are woven on hand looms or jacquard looms, and may also feature embroidery or hand-painted details.


We explore all aspects of textile structure and materials when designing and producing our pieces. We personally source our raw materials through local spinners: merino wool, alpaca, aloe vera, banana silk, jasmine, linen, cotton and silk fibers.


We like to think of ourselves as sculptors who work with light and shadow to create relief.



We realize that each project is unique, so all our handmade products may be
personalized. Our design studio oversees each project regardless of size to find the
most appropriate adaptation of our weaves and colors.