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Aloe, angora wool, alpaca, hand-spun wool, raw silk, linen, mohair, – these are some of the finest natural yarns.


We have set up our workshops in the most remote places in the world, in order to access those exotic yarns, ancient weaving traditions, and to work with the worlds most experienced craftsmen.




Most of our fabrics are made by hand. We have restored and put back to use old abandoned hand-looms, and created jobs for artisans


who thought their skills and artistry do not matter anymore.


Our weavers make our fabrics with passion and pride. We are friends and partners, a family of craftsmen.


ancient arts

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Whether we are American designers, French textile experts, or artisans in Peru or Nepal, we all share a dream of combining all our knowledge and experience, to create the most remarkable collection of fabrics ever attempted.


We are proud to keep alive the dying art of hand weaving and to bring it in to a commercial setting. We are convinced that the professional design community will respond to this level of exquisite craftsmanship, and they will incorporate our fabrics in to their finest projects.


We apply the same principles of passionate craftsmanship to our machine-made fabrics. Just like our handmade collection, our power-loomed textiles are made by craftsmen with years of experience. Our aesthetic vision is supported by centuries of Italian and French weaving traditions. Together with our manufacturing partners we strive for ultimate perfection and beauty.



Fair and sustainable: globally aware


We respect our planet and are very aware of today’s environmental problems.
We do our best to play our part in protecting and conserving natural resources, which is why most of our products are made by hand using fuel and resource efficient methods.


Through direct personal involvement we ensure that our partners adhere to the highest ethical standards. We support the communities we work with by sponsoring educational and development programs whenever and wherever we can.